Our philosophy is to be mindful of the ecosystems that support us: both the natural resources we require for healthy living as well as the social and economic resources we require to prosper and lead fulfilling lives.


Triple Bottom Line

Companies should be concerned not just with the economic “profit” of their operations, but also with their impact on “people” and the “planet”.  These “three P’s” measure a company’s success in not only profit and loss, but in social and environmental responsibility.  Our business strategies are firmly aligned with our social and environmental values, keeping in mind our responsibilities to both our investors, employees, neighbors and future generations.


As employers our businesses have a social responsibility to our community to treat people fairly and give them means to live healthy, satisfying lives.  Our businesses will provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs to define their future, follow their dreams and contribute to the community by owning their own business.  Of course our companies will be equal opportunity employers, but we also intend to pay our staff well and provide health care benefits.  In accordance with best practices we will produce an employee handbook detailing rights and responsibilities and company policies.


By using local sources we can reduce our carbon footprint through lower embodied energy from transportation.  Also, providing local services means fewer vehicle miles traveled for customers.  We hope to partner with local organic suppliers such as Headwater Foods, sourcing materials from natural and sustainable practices.  Lots of energy is embodied in buildings and their maintenance, so we will use green building materials, and energy reducing strategies will be used wherever possible in our renovations. By building sustainable, self-sufficient communities we are reducing our reliance on a world powered by oil.


Although we are trying our darndest to change the world by improving the community we live in, we have the very real responsibility of running profitable businesses.  Our rate of return cannot hope to match the opportunities offered by large, national corporations.  Starting companies is risky business.  There is a lot that can go wrong.  And our projected returns are likely to be below the market risk premium.  However, we plan on doing well while we are doing good.

B Corporations

B corporations, or “for profit benefit corporations”, are a new class of corporation that use the power of businesses to solve social and environmental problems. To become a Certified B Corporation a business must meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards.  Effectively, B Corporation certification verifies a company’s commitment to the “triple bottom line”.  All of our new ventures will apply for B Corporation Certification.

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