Glenn Kellogg, manager

Glenn has experience in financial, urban planning and development services, working in neighborhoods of large cities as well as small towns.  He has a knack for understanding a local economy and has assisted communities with feasible, market-based development strategies.  As the president of Hart’s Local Grocers, Glenn conceived the business and managed the launch of Rochester’s new downtown grocery store.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Glenn was a Lewis Mumford Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied real estate at Wharton and received a Master of City Planning from the Graduate School of Fine Arts (now Penn Design). Glenn has served as an Advisory Services Panelist for the Urban Land Institute, participated on the American Institute of Architects’ Sustainable Design Assessment Team, served as a Juror for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, and was a 2005 Knight Fellow in Community Building through the University of Miami.  He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Landmark Society of Western New York, and serves on the advisory board of Reconnect Rochester.

Urban Economics & Strategic Planning
Since 2002 Glenn has worked with Urban Advisors consulting on the economics of downtown master plans, comprehensive plans, and neighborhood revitalization strategies.  Typically working with urban designers through an intensive public input process, he has shaped implementation and development strategies for many places throughout the country.  Glenn provides preliminary background research of demographics, population and employment trends, trade area analysis by lifestyle, and retail market assessment.  In coordination with the design team, he then assists with a feasible development program for supportable housing, employment, and retail development.  Glenn also uses GIS data to identify under-utilized land and infill opportunities and guides policy to enable development goals.

Construction Management
Glenn also has experience managing the construction process for both residential and commercial development. He was the Client Representative for Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies campus in Washington DC during construction of their “Digital Agora” conference center in 2006 and was the project manager for a residential development in Seattle in 2000.  More recently, in 2014, Glenn managed redevelopment of 10 Winthrop Street from an auto repair shop to a first floor retail use with offices above.

Small Business Development
Starting in 2012, Glenn built a team to launch Hart’s Local Grocers in Downtown Rochester.  After conducting a preliminary market analysis he designed the Hart’s concept to respond to the existing market conditions and fill a missing piece of urban life in Rochester. Glenn provided business planning and structure, site selection and negotiation, conceptual store design, and construction management.  He also coordinated fundraising and secured financing, oversaw staffing, and managed legal and contractual matters.  As President, Glenn continues to oversee the store directors and represents the interests of investors.  Prior to the launch of Hart’s, Glenn provided financial modeling and business consulting services for Head Water Foods in 2013.

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